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Humanz is an AI company that has developed a platform that characterizes a customer journey (follower) on websites and knows how to measure and reflect in real time the success of influencers and content creators.

Humanz was founded in 2017 by Liav Refael Chen (CEO), Roi Emanuel Naaman (COO), Kobi Dalal (CPO), Eliran Moyal (CTO) and Shmuel Goldfarb. The company currently employs 90 staff with roughly 40 of them working from their office in Israel.

As a result of the collaboration between Humanz technology and Fox, influencers' marketing activity could be measured and tracked transparently and measurably. Moreover, The partnership with FOX group yielded exceptional results as we transformed the landscape of online consumer purchasing. 

The Humanz Pixel, a one-of-a-kind attribution solution, allows commerce sites to monitor and measure sales activities in real time and to understand whether buyers were exposed to influencers' content. Instead, purchase directly through the link uploaded by the influencer. In addition, the technology allows content creators to encode their product links and receive real-time information about their sales data, thereby becoming salespeople who are rewarded by sales (affiliation) rather than a fixed price model.


Using Humanz technology, this strategic influencer selection approach has led to a substantial increase in sales. We take great pride in our partnership with the FOX Group and eagerly anticipate further impactful collaborations in the future.



CTech  |  05.06.23

Humanz raises $5 million Series A for AI-based influencer marketing platform


CTech  |  27.03.22

“The number one rule for influencer marketing is trust”

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