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Chainlane is the supply chain transparency platform that unlocks true visibility for every enterprise. Chainlane’s supply chain intelligence platform helps companies see more and sell more.

Our cloud-based solution allows for accurate inventory management, data-driven insights, and operational efficiency through greater visibility and control across the entire supply chain.


We are easily deployed, highly customizable, and combine online and offline& in-store data to enhance and streamline workflows in different vertices such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, food& beverage, and more. With Chainlane, companies have proven to increase sales, reduce costs, and improve customer experience as well as allow for greater innovation and adaptation to changing market trends.


Our goal is to accelerate the world’s transition towards smart, responsible, and profitable operations.

Our partnership with Fox Group began to provide Fox with better inventory visibility and accuracy and enable the group to improve its end-to-end supply chain management. As a leading retailer, Fox Group constantly seeks new innovative solutions, and we have the honor of tailoring a solution to meet the needs of the various brands owned by Fox Group.


Thanks to Fox Group's experience and expertise in the retail ecosystem, we improved our services and platform capabilities, and working with Fox Group's passionate and professional retailers is always a pleasure.

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