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ByondXR is a startup company that developed an Immersive commerce solutions platform to help brands, retailers, and wholesalers improve engagement rates and increase their sales cycle significantly by creating unique visual shopping and tour experiences that enable interaction with high-quality 3d objects in real life-like virtual and augmented reality environments.

ByondXRs platform turns any business presentation or a buyer’s journey into a highly captivating experience which has a direct effect on the user’s consideration phase and helps eliminate complex decision-making scenarios for both buyers and consumers with the ability to view comprehensive product details and make a purchase directly from the experience.

ByondXR was founded in 2016 by industry veterans Noam Levavi and Eran Galil who led the company to a series of achievements and managed to secure deals with some of the biggest international brand names such as

Coca-Cola, Calvin Klein, Proctor and Gamble and also big brands from Israel such as Fox group, Delta-galil and Caesarstone.


The connection between ByondXR and Fox started with the need to create a virtual experience that will be a part of an omnichannel campaign for Shilav;

An in-store kiosk experience and a 3d room visualizer which is embedded on Shilav’s website and integrated with their products catalog and eCommerce platform.

Following the impact of COVID19, we have noticed a clear uptick in online traffic which later on turned into a clear spike in sales. 

The executives at Shilav made the right decision to shift activity to the virtual realm, where consumers can enjoy the latest technology on Shilav's website, delighting them with complete sets of unique virtual user journeys and allowing them to interact with 3D products, while getting all the valuable product details they need in order to complete a purchase directly from the experience or even go home and use AR technology to see how the product looks like in their natural environment.

These kinds of features on ByondXRs platform, help Shilav to reduce product return rates as their consumers can design their own dream baby nursery, with true-to-life products which really encourage them to add more products to their sales basket and turns any difficult decision making to a quick and easy process,

The result -  a satisfied customer who is much more connected with the Shilav brand.

This video has been deleted.

Noam Levavi



Eran Galil



Aviv Hod

Customer Success Manager




Tal Marom 

Business Operations


Roni Gabai

Creative Leader


Asaf Lahav


Charlie Even

Director of Marketing

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