top of page is a global pioneer in smartphone-based fraud prevention using bio-signal processing and behavioral science. Our data-driven AI solution, backed by in-depth empirical research, enables remote, automated, non-invasive analysis and ease of use to validate statements rapidly with maximum accuracy. technology leverages behavioral science, AI, and computer vision with subject matter expertise from elite government security experts.

By implementing years of professional real-world integrity assessment experience, created the ultimate solution for your operations to validate any statement or disclaimer. The solution saves you valuable time in assessing intent, allowing you to optimize your validation processes and promptly mitigate risk. technology is suitable for a wide range of diversified sectors where protection from fraud is crucial, e.g., Employee Recruitment and insurance.

Underwriting, Financial statements, Claims validation, and tenant screening. is now available to organizations and SMBs to protect them from fraudulent intent wherever needed, anytime, anywhere, using only a smartphone.

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