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Preciate offers a variety of the greatest innovative tools available today for loyalty programs, in-store omnichannel, and pay-by-face solutions. Our tools are built for a wide range of retail and hospitality verticals: Apparel, QSRs, coffee shops, grocery stores, cosmetics, hotels, and more.


Our proprietary facial recognition system, allows consumers to opt-in and enroll with a single selfie photo and enables sales associates to recognize them by name and provide them with a full personalized service, based on their known preferences.


Working with Fox group as a design partner has given us a unique opportunity to utilize our solutions with a large-scale retailer and an advanced, and varied loyalty club.

This successful collaboration has enabled us to fine-tune our offer and to gain significant measurements as to the added value of our tools.


Avi Naor





Eyal Fisher

Co-Founder & CEO

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